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There are a few “rights of passage” into the wonderful world of real estate; the head shot is an important one! Once you pass your test and find your brokerage the next order of business is to take the picture that will be everywhere and, for most, stay with you until the day you retire! We are so excited to announce that our team has grown by one headshot!

Lindsay Cunningham has joined our team! Although she is new to real estate, she has been in Park City for 15 years. Lindsay joins us from the fitness industry (she did not completely leave the industry). Fitness made Lindsay fall in love with Park City and the best part of this town, the people! She is excited to still be in the service industry and get to work in a different way with old and new friends! Lindsay brings a fresh perspective to our team with her eagerness to succeed, her unparalleled and fresh marketing experience, her thirst for knowledge and her refreshing, warm and welcoming personality. We love her to pieces and know you will too! Lindsay is excited to join a team that has a combined 30 years of experience!!

This takes our team to four people; Amy, Annie, Alan and Lindsay (her middle name is Anne so there is a round about “A” connection)! We LOVE having a team! There are so many parts that go into helping to buy and sell a home. Our team is designed to have an expert in every part of the process. We work together to make the process smooth and enjoyable for you! You have four people in your corner making sure that this beautiful moment of buying a home is just that, beautiful! A team is great for us too. We get to work everyday with friends and for that we are LUCKY!!


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