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Kelley Epstein, AKA Mountain Mama Cooks, is a local legend! She is known for her amazingly funny instagram stories, her midday cooking classes (where every dish is paired with the perfect wine), catering, and her beautiful and delicious cookbook, Après All Day! She snowboards, she play tennis, she volunteers, she brings her friends meals when they need them and she keeps us laughing with her honest banter about life. She has been in Park City long enough to be considered a true local!

A Fews years ago she wrote her cookbook, Après All Day, and as it has appeared everywhere from bookstores to Anthropology! Everyone in town has felt a huge sense of pride that she is “made” in Park City! The best part about the cookbook is that the recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious! It is my “go to” cookbook for a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Kelley has also been blogging since before food blogging was everywhere. The recipes on her blog are just as easy and delicious. With Easter Brunch this weekend we wanted to share one of our favs from her website!



· 12 oz frozen waffles (about 10)

· 1 lb ground sausage

· 8 eggs

· 1 1/4 cups whole milk

· 1/4 cup pure maple syrup

· 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard

· 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

· 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

· 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

· 4 scallions, chopped


1. Preheat oven to 350F degrees.

2. Butter a 9×13 pan or large cast iron; set aside

3. Lay frozen waffles on a large baking sheet and bake in oven for 15 minutes until just slightly toasted; remove from oven and let cool.

4. Meanwhile, brown sausage in a large sauté pan over medium heat until cooked all the way through and brown; drain the fat and reserve the sausage.

5. In a medium bowl, combine eggs, milk, maple syrup, ground mustard, kosher salt, and black pepper. Whip until well combined.

6. Make one layer of waffles on bottom of prepared pan. (If you’re using a 9×13, you’ll use 1/2 of the waffles. If you use a cast iron, you’ll use 3 1/2- Just break them to make fit!)

7. Sprinkle the waffles with 1/3 of the sausage, shredded cheese and scallions. Repeat. Pour the egg mixture over the waffles and cover with plastic, pressing down, and then cover tightly. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight.

8. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake uncovered for 40 minutes. Remove from oven, slice and serve. Drizzle with some warmed maple syrup for good measure!

Enjoy the Holiday!!

We did it…. I guess WE did not have much to do with it (besides our snow dances),

but we are still feeling a bit of pride that Utah snowfall has surpassed a 40 year

record! Nearly 500 inches of snowfall in Park City and the snow is still coming! That has meant that the snowplows have been working overtime, many days have been spent shoveling snow, but most importantly, we have had EPIC days on the mountain! We are a town filled with happy locals, happy visitors, and the promise of fuller lakes for all that summer in Park City has to offer! Life is good!!!!

This amazing snowfall has brought visitors here from around the world and as they come for the snow, many are falling in love with our cute little mountain town! They want a little piece of this town for themselves and a great investment when they are not using their home! This has made inventory low across all of Park City. One of the areas in highest demand is Empire Pass. With incredible ski access to Deer Valley Resort, a shuttle to take you to the grocery store or to dinner on Main Street and all the feels of the mountains, this area is paradise!

There are currently only TWO condos for sale in all of Empire Pass and we are excited to have one listed. Our three bedroom, down valley view, ski in ski out residence at Grand Lodge is a true dream. There is a Talisker membership

available to use all winter and summer long. We have had it listed all winter, but have not been able to show it because it is always rented! The owners have

blocked off the next week for showing and our phones have been buzzing with people excited to see this gem in the mountains! We are here all week from 11-4 or by appointment! Please reach out with any questions!!

Saint Patricks’ day is a true favorite around the Courage Real Estate Team. We all have loved and celebrated this holiday before we became a team (one of the many things we have in common)! 40 years ago Alan clipped a recipe from the Boston Globe and has been making it every year since. He is quick to say it is not his recipe, but after 40 years, he may have made it more that the chef that created it! ENJOY!

2 ½-3 ½ Pound Corned Beef Brisket


¼ Cup Honey

2 Tablespoons Dijon Style Mustard

1 Medium Head Cabbage, but into 8 wedges (about 2 pounds)

3 Tablespoons of butter, softened

1 ½ Teaspoons chopped fresh dill

Place corned beef brisket in a Dutch oven; add water to cover. Cover tightly, simmer 2 ½- 3 ½ hours or until meat is tender. Remove brisket from the cooking liquid and place, fat side up, on rack in a broiler pan with the surface of the meat 3 to 4 inches from the heat.

Combine honey and 1 tablespoon of the mustard. Brush half of the mixture over the top of the brisket and bromine 3 minutes. Brush with remaining mixture and continue broiling for 2 minutes or until the brisket is glazed.

Meanwhile, steam the cabbage for 15 to 20 minutes or until tender. Combine remaining mustard with butter and dill, spoon over hot cabbage wedges.

Serve with your favorite drink, best friends, true joy and endless laugher!

A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. We feel so lucky for all of our friends in our lives! HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!

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